Lately: August

I know I’ve been lacking on the recipe front lately, but that does not mean that I haven’t been spending enough time in the kitchen! 

I’ve been creating some beautiful salads with plenty of multi-colored farmers market beets!IMG_0754 IMG_0659DSC04521

I’ve been continuing my obsession with frozen fruit soft-serve.IMG_0544 frozen blueberry-banana soft-serve]

And I’ve been baking some pretty decadent desserts.  DSC04532[chocolate cake with PB-chocolate ganache and mini Reeses cups, via Smitten Kitchen]IMG_0809 [cheesecake swirl brownies with mini chocolate chips, via Cooking Light] IMG_0502[vegan chocolate zucchini cookies with applesauce and flax]

I’ve been taking full advantage of lazy mornings at home with my dear friend, plain Greek yogurt.DSC01947 [plain Greek yogurt with red grapes topped with some Kashi GoLean cereal]IMG_0818[plain Greek yogurt in a PB jar with sliced banana, apple, and spoonful of raw almond butter]

And I’ve definitely been appreciating the fact that, usually, food tastes best when it’s kept simple.IMG_0831 [multigrain English muffin stuffed with PB & Co.’s cinnamon raisin peanut butter & sliced banana, on top of a mountain in New Hampshire]

Question: What have YOU been eating lately?


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